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Statutory Examination


Work permit application

Male: examination, blood tests, urine test and Chest X-ray)


Female (above and urine pregnancy test)


Work permit renewal

#1 HIV and Chest X-ray


#2 Chest X-ray only


#3 HIV only


Domestic maid check-up (6 monthly)

Urine pregnancy test and VDRL


Urine pregnancy test, VDRL and HIV


Urine pregnancy test, VDRL, HIV and Chest X-ray


PR, S, E and social visit pass application

PR and student pass: examination, HIV and Chest X-ray


S and E passes: examination, HIV and Chest X-ray


Social visit pass: HIV and Chest X-ray


Land Transport Authority licences

#1 examination and visual acuity test


#2 examination, visual acuity test and Chest X-ray


#3 examination, visual acuity test and abbreviated mental test


Pre-employment screening

General: examination, visual acuity test, urine sugar, albumin


Security guard > 50 years old: examination and ECG


Radiation worker: examination and FBC


School health screening

Outward bound school: examination only (add $50 for tetanus jab)


University enrolment: examination, visual acuity, urine dipstick, FBC, CXR


Add on tests:

ECG: $40 CXR: $40 HIV: $20 VDRL: $15 UC9: $10 UC2: $5 UPT: $10 Hb: $10

Updated as of 1 August 2019

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